Buffalo Springfield Tour Slated for September

Since the world is already talking about it, I guess it’s alright if we do now. Since the historic reunion of the Buffalo Springfield for Neil Young’s Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert this past October, something has been in the works for the hall of fame trio along with Joe Vitale and Rick Rosas to embark on a reunion tour. There is no word yet on a rehearsal or tour schedule so there is still a chance that things could fail to materialize, but this time around there seems to be larger forces at work driving things forward and only the Lord knows for what ultimate purpose.

David Crosby who sat in with the Springfield at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 dishes some news from Stephen’s camp in this Rolling Stone article:

“I think he is excited,” Crosby says of CSN bandmate Stephen Stills. “And I’ve got to tell you, I didn’t get to see them live, but I watched clips and Richie [Furay]- I got to tell you man, he is so happy onstage and is such a joyful energy.”
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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that this happens. I never thought I would get to see Buffalo Springfield perform! And while it is a shame it did not happen when Dewey and Bruce were still with us, it could still be wonderful with the combined talents of Richie, Neil and Stephen.

  2. I do hope, if this happens, that Jim Messina can join them for a few shows! (LA and San Francisco, at least…)

    I was in attendance at the Shoreline show. Seeing the Springfield live has gone down as one of the best concerts I have EVER seen. BRAVO!

  3. We are all praying that this will happen. There are so many people that want this. I was there at the Whisky. It was a slice of heaven. I would go if it was in the middle of nowhere or on Mars.

  4. ………. a Red Rocks show ……. please.

  5. Great news! Come to Wisconsin, guys!

  6. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen Neil in 1984, CSNY in 2000, and CSN in 2008…I’ve got my tickets for Bonnaroo this June and can’t wait to see Buffalo Springfield. Now if the Hollies would reunite…come on guys!

  7. I was fortunate enough to see this great concert in 1968 at Charleston County Hall/Charleston SC, which featured the following 3 bands:

    Strawberry Alarm Clock (with Ed King, who later went on to join Lynyrd Skynyrd), who opened this concert that wonderful April night;

    Buffalo Springfield (with Jim Messina on bass/I have one surviving photo from the concert showing Stills, Martin, Furay, & Messina: Young WALKED away from my camera shot! Harumph! LOLOL!), whose light show was damaged in landing on Eastern Airlines at Charleston County Airport; and

    The original Beach Boys, who headlined that night\!

    All-in-all, it was a great night of music for me, and a night that remains burned in my heart and my head forever!

  8. April 1968 / County Hall / Charleston SC / Event:
    ** In Concert **
    An Evening With:

    The Beach Boys
    Buffalo Springfield
    Strawberry Alarm Clock
    To All My Brothers & Sisters:

    This concert was an absolutely amazing evening of music! And I am glad I was a part of the event that night…

    Standing in line about an hour and a half before the show, my friends and myself were enjoying the warm spring Carolina air, when I noticed 2-3 guys ride into the parking lot at County Hall on bicycles: wasn’t I surprised to see that members of Buffalo Springfield came rolling in on those bikes! Amazingly no one even knew who they were, but being the big Buffalo fan amongst all my friends, I recognized Dewey Martin, Richie, and it looked like Jim on the far side, and casually mentioned to my friends that members of the band had arrived. Boy did I get razzed by my little group: “Are you sure?”; “How would you know?”; and the best: “I doubt members of a rock band would come riding in on bikes…” The astute 17 year old that I was, I knew there was no mistaking who I had seen, and to make matters more intriguing, the guys sat on the fence and watched the crowd grow until just before show time. Back to that in a moment…

    Strawberry Alarm Clock was the first to hit the stage and there sound was really good. One of the band members in the group that night left several years later and would become a founding member of Lynyrd Skynyrd. His name: Ed King.

    Then Buffalo Springfield was next to walk out to a great many people cheering…it was then that my friends noticed who the members were, and turned to me and said: “How did you know it was them on the bikes earlier?” DUR! Me being a fan and having good facial recognition skills simply said in return: “You guys need to read the album liner notes more…” LOLOL!!! Steve Stills stepped up to the mike and apologized to the audience as the band was supposed to have a really great light show that night but somehow it got damaged when their Eastern Airlines flight was landing, so: No Light Show!!! Bummer! But Buffalo needed no light show that night; they tore down the house with a really blistering (and loud!) set…
    However, the only fly-in-the-ointment as it were that night was when shy little me walked up to the stage to take a couple of shots with my (then) brand new Kodak Instamatic camera, complete with Flip-Flash! Suffice it to say that Stills noticed me at the front and got the band to group themselves for a couple of shots. The fly? Neil walked AWAY from everyone as I took my couple of shots, so I ended up with Steve, Dewey, Richie, & Jim Messina in the shots w/o Mr. Young…hmmmmm. I knew the band was breaking up so I figured Young did not want to be in a group shot. Sfter all those years, I have one remaining pic left from that night; Oh! But what a night!

    Headlining that night: The Beach Boys, with Dennis, Carl, & Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, and Mike Love, who performed a very solid set of California’s best surf music, so all-in-all a good time was had by all!

    I did have the chance to meet Richie again a few later when he returned to County Hall with POCO…

    But that, my Friends, is another story in itself!

    Hope y’all enjoy my posting here! Take care, and may His peace always be with you!

  9. My apologies for the double posting! I’m a newbie at blogs so please forgive my 60’s moment, Everyone!

  10. The fact they’re playing Bonnaroo is a great indication this tour will take place. It will be really interesting to see what kind of set list they come up with … not only the Buffalo Springfield songs but maybe other chestnuts from their solo careers. No matter what, it will be great to see!

  11. I’m so excited. I’m going to see Neil at Avery Fisher Hall on April 25th and now awaiting the fall dates. Hopefully the East Coast will have plenty of shows then. Thank you to all of you for fullfilling our dreams and doing this reunion.

  12. Are there any plans for Buffalo Springfield tour dates for the greater Boston area, and the New England region in general this late summer/mid fall period?

    I sure would love to see Buffalo Springfield performing in concert again since I first and last saw them in April 1968 in Charleston SC.

    I hope that everyone’s energy in the band is high and in great anticipation of such a tour, and that any and all individual differences can finally be put behind them and laid to rest, for the sake of the music, the fans, and their well-earned legacy in the rock and roll community. They were progenitors of what soon became known as folk/country rock, collectively and individually.

    May their history never be tarnished, and the name: Buffalo Springfield, remain in the annals of rock for all to emulate…

  13. Does anybody know where or when Buffolow Springfield is coming to the east coast, I hope N.J. N.Y PA. Sooooooon.

  14. Soft Winds Blowing,The Summertime,
    Young Lovers feel so Free
    Walking hand in hand by a shady lane
    What happened to me?
    What Happened to Me?

    If you ever got your heart brokened (and who hasn’t?) then this “SAD MEMORY” melody will rip you apart!
    Please come to Houston in the Fall…

  15. I’m interested in contacting the group for a fund-raising event in Ojai California.

  16. The event is scheduled for Sept. 10th for the Ojai Valley Museum. We are between Santa barbara and LA. The venu is the newly remodeled Ojai Libby Bowl Amphitheater. It seats !000 plus another 700 on the lawn. Please let me know if this is even a remote possibility. As Richie said, “larger forces are at work driving things forward…”

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